Karma Yoga Center

New Classes for School Of Spiritual Studies Starts March 3rd

School of Spiritual Studies Karma Yoga Center SEE FULL CLASS DESCRIPTIONS & REGISTER HERE  Spring Session 2015: March 3-April 12 *6-Week Sessions *1.5 hour classes meet once a week *$216/class *Yoga Teacher Training Path *Individual Seeker Path CLASSES AND REGISTER HERE General Info The School of Spiritual Studies at Karma Yoga Center offers classes to deepen one’s study of yoga and the

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When the Power of Love overcomes…

We are all one. Think of the ocean. All the water flowing together; not separate. Now imagine if you were to take a water dropper and begin to pull out drops of water one at a time and place them into individual containers…roughly 7 billion containers. That’s us. That is the whole thing. That simple. Yes. In the beginning we were a united ocean of consciousness, awareness, light energy or if I dare say “God”. Then that collective consciousness wanted to experience an embodied life and splintered itself into billions of little entities, including animals, trees, mountains, oceans etc. Karma Yoga Center offers a full menu of classes, levels styles for students of yoga in Denver.

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