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Michael & Katrina Karma Yoga Center- Yoga Studio

Welcome to Karma Yoga Center

Yoga ~ Community ~ Spirit

All are welcome here at Karma Yoga Center. We are a spiritual sanctuary in the city offering Studio Classes, Park Yoga Classes, Livestream/Online Classes, 200Hr & 300Hr Spiritual Teacher Trainings, Spiritual Retreats, Workshops, Free Community Events & Gatherings, Spiritual Counseling, Meditation, Energy Healings,  Astrology Workshops, Astrology Readings, Retail and Crystal Store.

We offer community for all paths and all seekers in life.


    – Distinguished Teaching 

Karma Yoga Center ~ Best Yoga Center in Denver

by in 2022

“We scored 215 Denver County Yoga studios across a variety of salient criteria,

and Karma Yoga Center has been recognized as the Top Yoga Center in Denver. ” 

Community Reviews for Karma Yoga Center 

Yoga ~ Community ~ Spirit

“Nothing like it. Truly the best studio I have ever been too. Katrina and Michael have done a wonderful job creating a wonderful community and sanctuary. Grateful to be apart of it.”

-Jamie Lee

Karma Yoga Center~ Yoga Classes

“Attended a Friday evening toga nidra/sound bath offering. I try to experience various local yoga studios when I travel. Located in a very cute neighborhood, nicely arranged space. Class was wonderful with lovely music and crystal bowls. Perfect end to a busy week.”    


Katrina Marie Gustafson~ Karma Yoga Center

“Amazing atmosphere, insightful teachings and wonderful teachers.

Karma Yoga Center is the best yoga center I’ve ever been to.”


Karma Yoga Center Love

“I took a class with Katrina this morning. It was a full house but I found a perfect spot by the window and it was wonderful.

I really appreciate authentic yoga and I felt that is what we had in the room.

Thank you, I will be back!”



“Best yoga place in town!

This is the real embodiment of yoga teachings, a spiritual home!”


Greece Group

“I’ve spent a significant amount of time exploring studios in Denver and nothing compares to Karma Yoga Center!

Amazing community and energy have been cultivated over the years.

Truly grateful and blessed to have this space to grow, learn and laugh! Thank you Karma!”



“Karma is one of my favorite places in the whole world.

It’s an energy center all it’s own, and everyone’s invited into the vortex!

Best yoga studio and community in Denver!”



“Beautiful facility, I love that you can look out the windows during class and see the trees

and peaceful neighborhood.”


Karma Yoga Center Ruby Hill Park Yoga Classes

“When I first walked into Karma Yoga Center I felt like I had finally found my way home.

It was blissful, peaceful, friendly, and oh so welcoming.

The people at this Yoga Studio are delightful, and I feel truly blessed.”


Karma YOga Center Yoga Teacher Training Spiritual Immersion