New Classes for School Of Spiritual Studies Starts March 3rd

School of Spiritual Studies

Karma Yoga Center


1 mbsr.pngSpring Session 2015: March 3-April 12

*6-Week Sessions
*1.5 hour classes meet once a week
*Yoga Teacher Training Path
*Individual Seeker Path


General Info

The School of Spiritual Studies at Karma Yoga Center offers classes to deepen one’s study of yoga and the universal spiritual path. Students can choose to follow the path of a Teacher Training Certification or follow their own path as an Individual Seeker, choosing classes that resonate with their own personal journey.

Both paths of study offer students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and practice of yoga while integrating into the broader spiritual journey of self-realization. Classes may be movement based, instructing on the elements of yoga, while many will include lecture, demonstrations, meditations, mantra, breath-work, and hands on practice of many spiritual modalities.

Spring 2015 (March 3-April 12) Class Titles

Yoga Literature One: Yoga Sutras & Bhagavad Gita with Santosh Powell

  • Tuesdays  Mar 03 to Apr 07, 2015   7:15 PM – 9:15 PM

Anatomy and Adjustments with Sherri Jones

  • Thursdays Mar 05 to Apr 09, 2015  7:15 PM – 9:15 PM

Inside Your Soul: Subtle Body Energy with Katrina Gustafson

  • Saturday Mar 07 to Apr 11, 2015 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

History & Philosophy of Yoga with Lisa Theis

  • Sunday Mar 08, 2015 to Apr 12, 2015 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM


What is Unique about The School?

The Spiritual Studies Program is open to all whether they are on the teacher trainee path, an individual seeker, or new to yoga and the universal spiritual path. Traditionally, teacher training programs and schools for spiritual studies offer multiple week intensives or admission based programs with several year commitments. The individual classes at Karma Yoga Center’s Spiritual School allows students to pursue their studies at their own chosen pace, accommodating personal schedules, finances, and interest needs.



karma-yogaOur Instructors

The instructors of the core yoga classes for the Teacher Training Path are all certified Yoga Alliance Instructors who teach regularly at Karma Yoga Center. For specialized practices and spiritual paths, Karma Yoga Center brings in practitioners and faculty who are recognized and respected in their area of focus.

Periodically throughout the year, national and internationally known teachers are brought to Karma Yoga Center for special immersive workshops and classes that integrate into the Spiritual Studies Program and Certifications.


Session Info

Each Session is 6 weeks with offerings of 10-15 individual classes. Each class meets weekly for 1.5 hours. Students can chose one class a session, or as many as desired. Some classes within a session will have follow up classes in latter sessions that continue with the teachings. Some classes are offered multiple times a year, or once every session if they are needed for teacher trainings.


The Yoga Teacher Training Path

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training: School of Spiritual Studiesphoto

Karma Yoga Center Faculty
Katrina Gustafson, Lisa Theis, Santosh Powell, Laura Wade-Jaster, Sherri Jones, Clara Lazaroff, Tamme Buckner, Michael Shankaraclick HERE to see full faculty listing


The School of Spiritual Studies at Karma Yoga Center offers a year-round 200-hour Yoga Teacher training. Students get to choose classes one at time. There are 5 sessions a year meeting for 6-weeks at a time. Each session there are 8-15 classes offered in both the CORE and ELECTIVE categories. Classes are $216 each. For a 200-hour certification, students need 18 CORE classes and 4 ELECTIVES. Read more below about the full requirements.


Click HERE to Register on-line or learn more.
Or call Karma Yoga Center to talk about the program: (720) 379-3627

2015 Dates

  • Jan 5 – Feb 15             Session 1
  • Mar 3 – Apr 12            Session 2
  • Apr 28 – Jun 7            Session 3
  • Jun 8- Sep 7                Summer Break
  • Sep 8 – Oct 18             Session 4
  • Nov 3 – Dec 20           Session 5   (Practicum, Graduation, and Dinner Theater)


We are offering a special pricing option for the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program through the School of Spiritual Studies. This includes a 1-year Contract of Unlimited Yoga at $50/month and the entire Teacher Training program (18 classes, 15 hours of electives, and Practicum) for $2,400. The total cost is $3,000 for 1 year of unlimited yoga and a teacher training. This can be paid monthly at $250/month! This saves you over $2,500!!!!

  • **$250/month**
    • Full Program Teacher Training Program ($2,400)
    • 1-Year Monthly Unlimited Yoga Membership ($50/month, $600 total)
  • $225/month
    • Full Teacher Training Program ($2,700)
    • No yoga membership included
  • $216/Class
    •  Drop-in Price/Class
  • $2,500 Early Bird Pay in Full
    •  Full Teacher Training Program 
    • No yoga membership included


All classes, trainings, and immersions are held at Karma Yoga Center at 1705 S. Pearl St. Denver, CO 80210

Topics Covered

For the latest listing of Core and Elective Classes go HERE

  • History and Philosophy of Yoga
  • Study of the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and other selected texts
  • Anatomy of the physical body (includes a trip to a cadavar lab)
  • Building awareness around the Energetic Body (chakras, koshas, nadis, gunas, marma points, (includes a reiki reading)
  • Introduction to Sanskrit
  • Intro to Vedic Astrology (includes one vedic astrology reading)
  • In-depth study of each asana (posture) including structural alignment and adjustments
  • Sequencing and class planning
  • Class theming and space setting
  • Exploration of Prana and Vayus (breathwork)
  • Ayurveda and Nutritional Guidance
  • Bhakti Yoga (yoga of devotion), Kirtan (singing and chanting), Puja (devotional offering)
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Each student will also be given an opportunity to teach a public class
  • 10% off all offerings at Karma (retail, workshops, kirtans) during the training
  • Realities of becoming a Yoga Instructor (self-promotion and self care)
  • Karma Yoga (4-hours of selfless service, or community service)


  1. 18 Core Classes (includes 1 practicum teaching class)
  2. 15 hours of Elective Classes
  3. 1-Month Practicum- includes unlimited yoga in December  and graduation is in December
  4. 3 Community Classes-  to be taught before graduation
  5. 1-Friday Night Meditation each Session in the Mind Free Friday Series  (total 4)
  6. 30 hours of Yoga Classes at any Studio (signed-off)

Karma Yoga Center’s  Yoga Teacher Training options are both Yoga Alliance Certified. Unknown



1395973_10202712829127601_1828049849_nThe Individual Seeker Path

The Individual Seeker is a student who is pursuing his or her own path of spiritual study and is not necessarily seeking a particular certification. All classes- elective and core- are open to the Individual Seeker. A Seeker may choose to take some classes that meet the teacher training requirements to deepen their understanding of Yoga Philosophy or Anatomy, for example, while pursuing their own particular interests in Shamanism and Energy Healing work. Karma Yoga Center and its teachers are always a resource to help provide guidance on your own tailored path.


The “Maybe I Will be a Teacher Some Day” Path

Students who are not sure if they want to become a certified teacher but think maybe someday can take classes towards their certification, seeing if they are inspired to go deeper. Once a student completes classes that fulfill either the core or elective requirements for Yoga Alliance, they can be applied anytime towards certification. This is a beautiful option for students who are not comfortable or able to pay for full teacher training intensives which can cost anywhere from $2800-$4,000. Each class at Karma Yoga Center’s Spiritual Studies School is $216.


Core Classes: Yoga Teacher Training

Each session, 5-7 classes are offered that fulfill the core requirements for the Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification path. These classes are designated so that students know which ones count towards a particular path of certification, 200, 300*, and/or 500 hour.

Core classes are open to all students, both the Teacher Training path and the Individual Seeker. BOTH student types can choose how many core classes to take in a session.


Elective Classes

Elective classes delving into many different spiritual wisdom traditions, offering both the Teacher Trainee and Individual Seeker a universal path of spiritual discovery. The Teacher Trainee has a certain number of hours required for elective studies to become Yoga Alliance Certified, but is welcome to enroll in as many classes that resonate with their Individual Seeker side.


Possible wisdom traditions that might be taught include Shamanism, The Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism, Sufi Dance, Egyptian Spirituality, Ayurveda and Health, Aromatherapy, Crystals, Mayan Spirituality, Channeling with Spirit, Jesus and Yoga, and Native American Medicine. Any modality of spirituality that raises consciousness awareness and universal love is a welcome path at the school.


 chakras-672x372Yoga Alliance and Teacher Certification

Karma Yoga Center is certified by the Yoga Alliance to offer 200, 300*, and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs though its School of Spiritual Studies unique set up. Each session has a set number of Core Classes that fulfill Yoga Alliance’s 200, 300 and 500-hour Teacher Certification requirements. Additional elective courses are offered that can be applied to the elective portion of the Yoga Alliance’s certification requirements. Students may choose the their own timelines, taking as many classes at a time that resonates with their path.


How Long Does it Take Do My Teacher Training?

Through Karma Yoga Center, Yoga Alliance has a 200, 300*, and 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training certifications. A dedicated student can likely complete all the requirements for a 200-hour training in two back-to-back 6-week sessions. Or, they can spread their studies out over a longer period, taking lighter course loads each session. 300 and 500-hour trainings will take of three to five sessions for the dedicated student. The time it takes for your certification all depends on your choice of pace.


Can Classes be applied to My University or Graduate Studies?

Karma Yoga Center can provide any required information to your University or School about our programs and classes to help fulfill your credit requirements.


Are there Requirements or Admissions for classes?

Many of the classes, both core and elective, are open to all potential students. None of the classes are admissions based. Some classes may be continuations, and require that students have taken the earlier class or have some prerequisite knowledge. If a class is a continuation or has prerequisites they will be listed in the course description.


How to Register

Browse the classes and their full descriptions HERE where you can also register on-line. Or, call our Front Desk Staff. They will be happy to help answer questions and register you over the phone: 720-379-3627



*Approval for 300 hour Certification is Pending from Yoga Alliance.*