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The Shaman & The Mermaid Astrology 

Every Full Moon Cycle, Owners Katrina Marie and Michael share their insights on the Cosmic, Spiritual and Psychic weather. Subscribe below!

The Shaman & The Mermaid Astrology is your guide to cosmic and earthly energies that we are experiencing both as individuals and as a collective. Learn practical ways to navigate each Cycle through our simple mantras, insights on societal rhythms, and wisdom from many different paths from the Mayan, Yogic, Taoist, Greek, Egyptian, and Mother Earth based traditions.

The Monthly Cosmic Download…

Oct 20 – Nov 19 

“There Portal Is Open, And Intention Is Everything”

The Cosmic Download
“There Portal Is Open, And Intention Is Everything”
Holy Moly, let the games begin. The times are pulling us towards some major karmic reckonings in 2022. Like the aperture of a camera, the lens is spiraling open and will expose many things that were suppressed and hidden in your own psyches and by the collective. The key during this time is to stay focused on the center point of the portal and hold your intentions as pure. The end of 2021 will likely be very strange, unpredictable, and full of surprises. The main players are Pluto, Uranus and The United States of America- though, the reverberations will ripple through the whole globe.
It all kicks off on Oct 20 with a Full Moon in Aries squaring Pluto. Squares are charged energies that need some karmic resolution/evolution. Pluto is the energy of Transformation, Destruction, Re-Creation, Death, and the Soul itself. When Pluto makes a transit, particularly a square, it can do some shadow-work, pulling-up things that were once hidden. These are not usually light affairs, but rather matters of karmic weight. The Sun & Moon represent our personal selves- both our inner & outer worlds. Pluto also rules power and the occult entities that run them: governments, institutions, banking systems, billionaires, hegemonic political groups, and corporate interests.
A full moon square Pluto would normally be a strong energy, but with a limited influence. However, on Oct 21 Eris and Mars T-Square Pluto. Eris is the Goddess of War, Discord, Strife, and Manslaughter. She is the fiercest of the Feminine archetypes- similar to Kali (Vedic) and Sekmet (Egyptian). All three of these goddess operate from Unconditional Love, but their task is to transform Karma, destroying and bring to cremation what must die. Mars is our Will Power and the Warrior. He also represents our anger, frustration, and desire to defend and fight back. The Eris/Pluto Square is the 5th of 5 squares, and is what has flavored 2020, 2021 and will continue into 2022. Add to this Scorpio season as the Sun enters the sign on Oct 22– intensity as the portal opens.
We are also now entering into a karmic gate for the United States called a Pluto Return. The planet Pluto takes 246-248 years to complete a cycle. Pluto was at 27° Capricorn on July 4, 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was birthed- for a country this is a Soul Contract. Pluto rules the Soul of all things, and when Pluto returns back to 27° Capricorn in February 2022 it is a major karmic check-in to see if this country is fulfilling it’s contract. If not, Karmic correction may ensue. Are we treating all people as equal, free and imbued with the unalienable right to life, liberty and happiness? Or are we creating division, separation, hegemony, and apartheid like systems? Whatever that case may be, we are in the magnetic pull from now through all of 2022, 2023 and 2024. We’ll speak more on this in coming months.
Scorpio is the most intense of all the signs. It is ruled by Pluto and is akin to Shiva energy- the creator and destroyer of all things. When the Sun enters Scorpio, it is death season- literally and figuratively. This is when the portal opens, with the height from Oct 31- Nov 2: Halloween, Day of The Dead, and All Souls/All Saints Day. This is when the veil between the worlds thins and we may become more aware of our ancestors, spirits, angels, guides, and sometime other darker energies that the Lakota call EA. This time of year is when we are called to honor the dead and commune with our ancestors- setting out food, lighting alter candles, offering prayers, and speaking with the Grandparents and Loved Ones in the spirit world.
Nov 4 is the Scorpio New Moon– more Scorpio Energy. The Portal is Open & Intention is Everything. New Moons are times for setting intentions and going inward to do shadow-work, and this is amplified with the Scorpio & Pluto energies. This new moon is opposite Uranus- the planet is Sudden Awakenings, Radical Shifts, and Quantum-Leaps in Evolution. It introduces things to the personal and collective consciousness that were unpredictable to the ego-self. Uranus also rules all things Strange, Other Worldly, Galactic, and the Higher Mind. From Nov 4-13 it may be a time of lightning revelations, and strange events spiraling out of the portal as the Moon, Sun, Mercury and Mars will all oppose Uranus. Expect the Unexpected.
Keep a watch out for Nov 10 with Mars and Mercury in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius. Mercury is the psychopomp and can go deep into the mysteries of life- if we are willing. The Warrior Mars is empowered in Scorpio and is not afraid to confront authority, power and mistruth. Saturn is karma and our inner teacher. Things may come out this day that- either in the moment or in hindsight- will be quite revelatory.
Finally, this brings us to Eclipse Season with a Partial Lunar Eclipse on Nov 19, the Taurus Full Moon. This will be followed by a Total Solar Eclipse on Dec 3.
Astrology Readings @ Karma 
Karma Yoga Center owners Katrina Gustafson and Michael Shankara are Western Astrologers in the lineage of Evolutionary Astrology. They are offering Full Astrology Readings to the community.
Learn how your birth chart can help you to understand your Karma and Dharma, and how to more fully realize your Soul’s purpose. This can be a powerful tool to deepen your spiritual path, work with limiting patterns, and open up more fully to your Soul’s gifts.
Birth Chart Astrology Reading
  • 75 min Personal Birth Chart Reading
  • A look at your Karma/Dharma (Life Purpose)
  • Guidance on how to work with your Karma/Dharma and Soul’s Purpose
  • A Recording and Guided Notes on your Birth Chart.
  • Exploring any questions that you may have about any aspect of your life- Relationship, Parents, Trauma, Spiritual Gifts, Soul’s Purpose, Gifts, Understanding the Meaning of Experiences…
Birth Chart Cost
Astrology Readings are $144 for 75 min. Any additional time and/or exploration of your chart is $72/hour. Please be ready to provide your Birthdate, Birth Time, and Location of Birth 🙂

Relationship Readings
Couples and Partners can explore the Soul-Dynamics of their relationship through a joint reading. This will including looking at Karma/Dharma together, Collective Purpose of the Relationship, What is the best expression of the Relationship from the Soul Perspective, Lessons being Learned, Communication, and any other questions that are wanting to be explored.
Relationship Readings Cost
75 min and cost $250. Please be ready to provide Birthdate, Birth Time, and Location of Birth for both people 🙂

Give the Gift of Astrology
You can purchase a reading as a gift for a friend, family member, or co-woker and it can be scheduled anytime. You can purchase a Gift Certificate HERE, or come to the studio to purchase, or contact us with below…

Schedule Now!
Michael is the Astrologer for Birth Chart Readings, Relationship Readings, and transits. You can schdeule a reading by e-mailing Michael with the subject “Astrology Reading” or call 720-745-0184 for more info. Please be ready to provide your Birthdate, Birth Time, and Location of Birth 🙂
Katrina provides Spiritual Counseling, Crystal Healings and incorporates her innate understanding of astrology in her sessions. You can schdeule a session by e-mailing Katrina with the subject “Spiritual Counseling”  or “Crystal Healing.”
Karma Yoga Center Astrology
Astrology Reading Karma Yoga Center

About Your Astrologers

Michael Shankara

Michael is a certified yoga teacher, Mayan Shaman, Priest, and Astrologer. Initiated into the sacred wisdom of the Maya, Michael is the sole apprentice under elder, priest and shaman Dr. Don Miguel Angel Vergara- former director of the sacred Chichen Itza Archeology Site in Mexico. Michael is also a musician and sound healer, providing live music for yoga classes, retreats, journeys and mediations at Karma Yoga Center. Michael is a certified Crystology Healer and studies Soul Astrology, Astronomy, and the Mayan Calendars. He offers Energy Healings and Astrology Readings that integrate his shamanic and yogic trainings. Michael & Katrina also provide a free videos series on the New Moons and Fulls called the The Shaman & The Mermaid Astrology.

Katrina Marie Gustafson
The mermaid of the mountains, Katrina Marie seeks the heights of the peaks and the depths of the oceans in her practice. Through the wisdom of the heart, her purpose is to help guide others to open their own. She has studied in the temples of India, the pyramids of Mexico, and in the crucible of modern life. She finds the sacred in the rhythm of the seasons, the stars, and every second of life. As the owner and founder of Karma Yoga Center in Denver, she brings the bhakti from all wisdom traditions to her yoga classes- singing, chanting, dancing, and journeys into the heart. Katrina fills every yoga session with love. She weaves in the teachings of her yoga mentor Saul David Raye and the cosmic knowings from the lineage of Evolutionary Astrology. She shares her life journey with her half-side husband Michael Shankara and her two boys Max & Bo. Katrina offers Spiritual Counseling, Crystal Healing Sessions, and incorporates her innate understanding of astrology. Contact Katrina for Spiritual Counseling or Crystal Healings.