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Every Full Moon Cycle, Owners Katrina Marie and Michael share their insights on the Cosmic, Spiritual and Psychic weather. Subscribe below!

The Shaman & The Mermaid Astrology is your guide to cosmic and earthly energies that we are experiencing both as individuals and as a collective. Learn practical ways to navigate each Cycle through our simple mantras, insights on societal rhythms, and wisdom from many different paths from the Mayan, Yogic, Taoist, Greek, Egyptian, and Mother Earth based traditions.

The Monthly Cosmic Download…

Nov 19 – Dec 18  


Yep, that’s right WTF?! It’s crazy out there. Sometimes that’s the only phrase that covers it all: Wisdom, Truth & Faith or WTF. It’s what you’ll need for this Eclipse Portal and Season that we are entering. 

Nov 19 is the Taurus Full Moon and Almost Total Lunar Eclipse. If you want to view this Blood Red Moon, it starts on Thursday, Nov 18 at 11pm MST and peaks on Friday, Nov 19 at at 2:01AM MST. Eclipses bring in strange and other worldly energies and can initiate sudden, unpredictable shifts. The word “eclipse” means to “cut or clip” in Greek, and describes the slicing and trimming of Karmic Energies that eclipses bring. There are 2 types of eclipses metaphysically (and astronomically): South Node Eclipses & North Nodes Eclipses. This Taurus Full Moon Eclipse is a N. Node eclipse. It illuminates our path into the future and what we are needed to evolve towards, in this case Harmonious Taurus energy: Self-Love, Respect, Simplicity, Sensuality, Kindness, Home, Earth, Health and our Bodies. So, anything that is not aligning with these principles needs to be cut and corrected.  Eclipse can initiate karmic corrections and evolutionary boosts for both the collective and for individuals.  

Jupiter in Aquarius will be squaring this eclipse, which includes the Moon, the Sun and Mercury. Jupiter is Wisdom, Truth & Faith- or WTF. Whenever Jupiter is involved in the spiritual weather it is a magnifier, and squares create dynamic tensions demanding resolution. So this Taurus eclipse demanding Truth be revealed around Self-Love, Mother Earth, Kindness, and our choices around our bodies, food, and home environments. Mars will also be opposing Uranus on the eclipse. Which brings in an extra wildcard and punch. Mars is the Warrior and Uranus is the Revolutionary. They can initiate sudden and unexpected upheavals particularly if the mission is to bring back Wisdom, Truth and Faith. 

On Nov 20, the Sun enters Sagittarius for a new astrological month. Mercury also enters Sag on Nov 24- the day before Thanksgiving- and both come together for a conjunction on Nov 28th. Mercury is about communication, speaking, technology and transportation and is empowered here with the Sun in Sagittarius. Beware of the words chosen at this time as the WTF could stand for Watch The French. It is always better to align with Wisdom, Truth & Faith as these principles will stand the test of time. While inflammatory words spoken in haste will inevitably have karmic consequences. 

Nov 29 is a day of beautiful and harmonious energies. Mars trines Neptune, and Mercury trines Chiron. Mars can be self-knowledge, empowerment, initiation, creation, and action. Neptune is Spirituality, Imagination, and Dreams. The trining of these two archetypes can be the realization or materialization of energies from the spiritual and imaginative realms- meaning it becomes real, actionable, and possible. Along with being the communicator, Mercury is the Psychopomp- the one who can travel between the worlds in the Souls realms and back. Chiron is the Wounded/Healer and the Master Teacher. If we tune in today and do our spiritual sadhana and practices, the psychopomp can help heal an old wound and bring out its medicine and needed spiritual lessons. Saturn is also supporting this with a sextile- giving support in the form of determination, karma, and justice. 

On Dec 1, Neptune in Pisces goes Direct after 5 months of retrograde. In retrograde, Neptune can make things feel unstable, unsure, swirling, and unclear. Neptune not only rules spirituality, dreams and imagination but also sewers, pandemics, viruses, oil, deception, delusion, drugs and addictions. When Neptune goes direct, the tidal waters of the collective may change. During retrograde the ocean waters receded from the shore and now they are returning with a tidal wave that can wipe clean all that is not aligned with Truth, Wisdom and Faith. When Neptune transits it can wash away things that are not for the highest good. 

Dec 4 is the the Sagittarius New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse on the South Node- things that need karmic correction and another WTF! Misaligned Sag energy is Lies, Deception, Control, and Fanaticism. So the total solar eclipse is tasked to cut and expose wherever these distortions are occurring. Mercury is also part of this eclipse- so more information may come out that is shocking. 

On Dec 11 Venus conjoins Pluto and the Sun squares Neptune. Venus is the feminine and Pluto is the power of the Soul. And Neptune Direct is being restored to full power. This square could be a sudden revelation- either exuberant or shattering. 

Finally, Mars enter Sagittarius and Mercury enter Capricorn on Dec 13. These very shift could herald in some force of Justice, Law, Judgment that is significant. Remember stay to Wisdom, Truth & Faith. 

We’ll see you at the Gemini Full Moon on Dec 18th! 

Astrology Readings @ Karma 
Karma Yoga Center owners Katrina Gustafson and Michael Shankara are Western Astrologers in the lineage of Evolutionary Astrology. They are offering Full Astrology Readings to the community.
Learn how your birth chart can help you to understand your Karma and Dharma, and how to more fully realize your Soul’s purpose. This can be a powerful tool to deepen your spiritual path, work with limiting patterns, and open up more fully to your Soul’s gifts.
Birth Chart Astrology Reading
  • 75 min Personal Birth Chart Reading
  • A look at your Karma/Dharma (Life Purpose)
  • Guidance on how to work with your Karma/Dharma and Soul’s Purpose
  • A Recording and Guided Notes on your Birth Chart.
  • Exploring any questions that you may have about any aspect of your life- Relationship, Parents, Trauma, Spiritual Gifts, Soul’s Purpose, Gifts, Understanding the Meaning of Experiences…
Birth Chart Cost
Astrology Readings are $144 for 75 min. Any additional time and/or exploration of your chart is $72/hour. Please be ready to provide your Birthdate, Birth Time, and Location of Birth 🙂

Relationship Readings
Couples and Partners can explore the Soul-Dynamics of their relationship through a joint reading. This will including looking at Karma/Dharma together, Collective Purpose of the Relationship, What is the best expression of the Relationship from the Soul Perspective, Lessons being Learned, Communication, and any other questions that are wanting to be explored.
Relationship Readings Cost
75 min and cost $250. Please be ready to provide Birthdate, Birth Time, and Location of Birth for both people 🙂

Give the Gift of Astrology
You can purchase a reading as a gift for a friend, family member, or co-woker and it can be scheduled anytime. You can purchase a Gift Certificate HERE, or come to the studio to purchase, or contact us with below…

Schedule Now!
Michael is the Astrologer for Birth Chart Readings, Relationship Readings, and transits. You can schdeule a reading by e-mailing Michael with the subject “Astrology Reading” or call 720-745-0184 for more info. Please be ready to provide your Birthdate, Birth Time, and Location of Birth 🙂
Katrina provides Spiritual Counseling, Crystal Healings and incorporates her innate understanding of astrology in her sessions. You can schdeule a session by e-mailing Katrina with the subject “Spiritual Counseling”  or “Crystal Healing.”
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    About Your Astrologers

    Michael Shankara

    Michael is a certified yoga teacher, Mayan Shaman, Priest, and Astrologer. Initiated into the sacred wisdom of the Maya, Michael is the sole apprentice under elder, priest and shaman Dr. Don Miguel Angel Vergara- former director of the sacred Chichen Itza Archeology Site in Mexico. Michael is also a musician and sound healer, providing live music for yoga classes, retreats, journeys and mediations at Karma Yoga Center. Michael is a certified Crystology Healer and studies Soul Astrology, Astronomy, and the Mayan Calendars. He offers Energy Healings and Astrology Readings that integrate his shamanic and yogic trainings. Michael & Katrina also provide a free videos series on the New Moons and Fulls called the The Shaman & The Mermaid Astrology.

    Katrina Marie Gustafson
    The mermaid of the mountains, Katrina Marie seeks the heights of the peaks and the depths of the oceans in her practice. Through the wisdom of the heart, her purpose is to help guide others to open their own. She has studied in the temples of India, the pyramids of Mexico, and in the crucible of modern life. She finds the sacred in the rhythm of the seasons, the stars, and every second of life. As the owner and founder of Karma Yoga Center in Denver, she brings the bhakti from all wisdom traditions to her yoga classes- singing, chanting, dancing, and journeys into the heart. Katrina fills every yoga session with love. She weaves in the teachings of her yoga mentor Saul David Raye and the cosmic knowings from the lineage of Evolutionary Astrology. She shares her life journey with her half-side husband Michael Shankara and her two boys Max & Bo. Katrina offers Spiritual Counseling, Crystal Healing Sessions, and incorporates her innate understanding of astrology. Contact Katrina for Spiritual Counseling or Crystal Healings.