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“Light Me Up But Don’t Strike Me Down”
The Astrology of 2023 & Beyond
2023 is a year of illuminating and awakening energies particularly from the Universal Collective and Spiritual Law. While radical and possibly chaotic, it could be a year of great evolution in consciousness. Pluto- the planet of the Soul and Spirit- will dip it’s big toe into the Sign of Aquarius for the first time since its last visit between 1778 and 1797. Aquarius is the sign of Awakening the Personal self to the deeper Soul awareness and ruled by Uranus the planet of Radical and Unpredictable shifts. For those who are ready, this can be an exciting time, but it is only a 2 month view before Pluto goes back to Capricorn until January 21, 2024 where it will then take a permeant visit of 2 decades. And the thing with Aquarius is that it is call to everyone to rise and evolve~ not just some.

Saturn will also make a major shift into Pisces from March 2023- Feb 2026. Joining up with Neptune who is there on an 15 year journey (2011-2026). Saturn will now be in the House of Spirit with its ruler and guardian. This could be a return to the ancient ways of wisdom, Cosmic Practices and Consciousness, Spiritual Law, and an understanding of our place in the Universe.

Jupiter will start the year in Aries but transition into Taurus in May to conjoin the North Node of Evolution in the final degrees before itself shifts into Aries. This is is a profound conjunction on May 30. Jupiter in Taurus is putting into practical use and action our Visions, Truths, Beliefs and Wisdom.

The Karmic Nodes of Fate will shift from Taurus & Scorpio to Aries & Libra in July and start a new 18.6 month journey of evolution for the collective and individuals. We will also experience 4 Eclipses, 4 Mercury Retrogrades, and be stepping into the year of the Water Rabbit on Jan 21. The Water Rabbit is related to Pisces, Neptune and Jupiter so this will give an extra boost to the Spiritual Awakening and Evolution.

The planet Uranus will be delivering lightning bolt calls to awaken. For those on the path our job will be to stand in our illumination and use our own path of our Soul’s Purpose to help others awaken too. Let this be a year of illumination.

Learn about greater cycles of time that are now unfolding that are referenced by the Greeks, The Yogis, The Mayans, and the Lakota. We’ll also cover the quantum physics and evolutionary states of consciousness and how these transitional events will play out for each. We will share tools and practices that may be helpful to navigate these unfolding energies and times. And, we we will look at the astrology of 2023 through 2025 and beyond.

The Shaman & The Mermaid Astrology 

Every Full Moon Cycle, Owners Katrina Marie and Michael share their insights on the Cosmic, Spiritual and Psychic weather. Subscribe below!

The Shaman & The Mermaid Astrology is your guide to cosmic and earthly energies that we are experiencing both as individuals and as a collective. Learn practical ways to navigate each Cycle through our simple mantras, insights on societal rhythms, and wisdom from many different paths from the Mayan, Yogic, Taoist, Greek, Egyptian, and Mother Earth based traditions.

The Cosmic Download ~ Mar 7 – Apr 5

Flow With The Changes, Or Be Changed By The Flow” 

This lunar cycle is full of huge shifts in energy that will reverberate out for months, years, decades and even centuries. Astrologers have been pointing to this time for years, and while the energies are neither “bad” nor “good” they are potent and the changes will evolve and effect the whole world. Whether these shifts are experienced as harmonic or disharmonic is all deponent on our Personal and Collective Free Will Choices. 

It all starts with the Virgo Full Moon and Saturn moving into Pisces on Mar 7. The last time that Saturn was in Pisces was 1993-96, so this is a rarer occurrence. Saturn is about creating laws, structure, rules, boundaries, society, Karma, and defining our Soul’s Purpose in action. Pisces is about the Eternal, Spiritual Law, Unconditional Love, No Boundaries, and stepping into the Mystical Unknown. This energies can seem to be contrary and challenging, however they are both working together to correct what is not in alignment with Spiritual Law and evolve us towards Unconditional Love. For some this will seem chaotic and dangerous, for others this may seem like a return to the essential, spiritual Truths of Life. Either way, the tide is coming. 

30 years ago when Saturn was last in Pisces there were many world changing events. It was when the apartheid in South Africa ended and Nelson Mandela become president. It was also the Rwanda Genocide when 800,000 people were killed, and the war and atrocities in Bosnia. This was also when e-mail and the Internet were birthed. So, as Saturn cycles through Pisces again there will be world energies that may be awesome, shocking, chaotic and universally transformative over the next 2.5 years from 2023-2026.    

The Virgo Full Moon is a perfect guide for this time. Virgo energy is about our daily Free Will Choices and Sustained Effort in our Spiritual Practices. The Sanskrit word for our daily Spiritual Practice is “Sadhana.” If we choose by Free Will to do our daily Spiritual work to heal, evolve, release, grow, and return to Spirit then the shifts will be gradual and more smoothly integrated. If we do not work on these things daily, then the energy and Karma pressure will build until there is a volcanic eruption to correct what is not in alignment with Spiritual Law. This can be very challenging, chaotic, and traumatic. Thus, our mantra for this time, “Flow With The Changes, Or Be Changed By The Flow” 

Jupiter conjoins Chiron on Mar 11 in Aries. Jupiter magnifies whatever it affects, and Chiron is the Wounded Healer. So this is magnifying our Wounds and our Healing Abilities particularly around the Masculine energy (Aries). Balanced Masculine is Open-Hearted, Potent, Love, Truth, Strong, and Defined by the Soul & Spirit. Unbalanced Masculine is Close Hearted, Deceptive, and defined by the Ego. This can also be lost in fantasy, weak, unclear, or angry, destructive and projecting. Do your daily Virgo sadhana to prepare. 

Mar 16 is loaded with 3 squares, a conjunction and Mercury entering Taurus. Be aware this time as there will be a lot of shifting and colliding energies. Stay strong and navigate the water with confidence as you ride the cosmic flow (Ritam in Sanskrit). 

The Sun goes into Aries for the Spring Equinox on Mar 20, and the Aries New Moon is Mar 21. There is a lot of Aries energy in the field as we start spring with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron & Eris in the sign. This can be a very quick moving energy and also sweet as Aries is the start of new cycles, birth, and renewal. Do ceremony and honor Mother Earth for the Spring return. 

And now the Big One…Pluto enters Aquarius on Mar 23 for the first time since the 1777. Pluto has a 248 year cycle and it represents the Soul, Transformation, Death, The Unconscious and Rebirth. Aquarius is Society, Technology, The High Mind, and Liberation. The last time Pluto was here there were great revolutions, wars, and huge shifts in consciousness between Science and Spirituality. This is also happening amidst the shifting of the Ages from Pisces to The Ages of Aquarius- a new 2,160 year cycle of evolution.These shifts are affecting the collective and personal states of conscious for decades and millennia to come. Go back to the Virgo Full Moon and do your Spiritual work daily- always. Will this be good or bad? It all depends on the Collective Free Will Choices. (Learn more about the long term shifts in our 2023 and Beyond video Here : ) 

Mercury conjoins Chiron & Jupiter on Mar 25/26 in Aries. Our communication meets the The Wounded Healer and is given a Vision Quest from Jupiter. Are we healing? Do we know who we are? Are you doing your Shadow work and Spiritual Practices? Do yo know your Dharma? Is your Soul guiding you or is your ego? 

Mars trines Saturn and Venus conjunct Uranus on Mar 30 for a supportive and unexpected sweet note. Remember “Flow With The Changes, Or Be Changed By The Flow.” 

See you at the Libra Full Moon on Apr 5!

Astrology Readings @ Karma 
Karma Yoga Center owners Katrina Gustafson and Michael Shankara are Western Astrologers in the lineage of Evolutionary Astrology. They are offering Full Astrology Readings to the community.
Learn how your birth chart can help you to understand your Karma and Dharma, and how to more fully realize your Soul’s purpose. This can be a powerful tool to deepen your spiritual path, work with limiting patterns, and open up more fully to your Soul’s gifts.
Birth Chart Astrology Reading
  • 90 min Personal Birth Chart Reading
  • A look at your Karma/Dharma (Life Purpose)
  • Guidance on how to work with your Karma/Dharma and Soul’s Purpose
  • A Recording and Guided Notes on your Birth Chart.
  • Exploring any questions that you may have about any aspect of your life- Relationship, Parents, Trauma, Spiritual Gifts, Soul’s Purpose, Gifts, Understanding the Meaning of Experiences…
Birth Chart Cost
Astrology Readings are $180 Regular and $162 for Karma Members. Please be ready to provide your Birthdate, Birth Time, and Location of Birth 🙂

Relationship Readings
Couples and Partners can explore the Soul-Dynamics of their relationship through a joint reading. This will including looking at Karma/Dharma together, Collective Purpose of the Relationship, What is the best expression of the Relationship from the Soul Perspective, Lessons being Learned, Communication, and any other questions that are wanting to be explored.
Relationship Readings Cost
75 min and cost $250 Regular and $200 Karma Members. Please be ready to provide Birthdate, Birth Time, and Location of Birth for both people 🙂

Give the Gift of Astrology
You can purchase a reading as a gift for a friend, family member, or co-woker and it can be scheduled anytime. You can purchase a Gift Certificate HERE, or come to the studio to purchase, or contact us with below…

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Michael is the Astrologer for Birth Chart Readings, Relationship Readings, and transits. You can schdeule a reading by e-mailing Michael with the subject “Astrology Reading” or call 720-745-0184 for more info. Please be ready to provide your Birthdate, Birth Time, and Location of Birth 🙂
Katrina provides Spiritual Counseling, Crystal Healings and incorporates her innate understanding of astrology in her sessions. You can schdeule a session by e-mailing Katrina with the subject “Spiritual Counseling”  or “Crystal Healing.”
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    Michael Shankara

    Michael is a certified yoga teacher, Mayan Shaman, Priest, and Astrologer. Initiated into the sacred wisdom of the Maya, Michael is the sole apprentice under elder, priest and shaman Dr. Don Miguel Angel Vergara- former director of the sacred Chichen Itza Archeology Site in Mexico. Michael is also a musician and sound healer, providing live music for yoga classes, retreats, journeys and mediations at Karma Yoga Center. Michael is a certified Crystology Healer and studies Soul Astrology, Astronomy, and the Mayan Calendars. He offers Energy Healings and Astrology Readings that integrate his shamanic and yogic trainings. Michael & Katrina also provide a free videos series on the New Moons and Fulls called the The Shaman & The Mermaid Astrology.

    Katrina Marie Gustafson
    The mermaid of the mountains, Katrina Marie seeks the heights of the peaks and the depths of the oceans in her practice. Through the wisdom of the heart, her purpose is to help guide others to open their own. She has studied in the temples of India, the pyramids of Mexico, and in the crucible of modern life. She finds the sacred in the rhythm of the seasons, the stars, and every second of life. As the owner and founder of Karma Yoga Center in Denver, she brings the bhakti from all wisdom traditions to her yoga classes- singing, chanting, dancing, and journeys into the heart. Katrina fills every yoga session with love. She weaves in the teachings of her yoga mentor Saul David Raye and the cosmic knowings from the lineage of Evolutionary Astrology. She shares her life journey with her half-side husband Michael Shankara and her two boys Max & Bo. Katrina offers Spiritual Counseling, Crystal Healing Sessions, and incorporates her innate understanding of astrology. Contact Katrina for Spiritual Counseling or Crystal Healings.