Yoga Teacher Trainings

200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Trainin

What: 200hr Yoga Teacher Training
Dates: Sep 22, 2017 – Jan 25, 2018
Location: Karma Yoga Center (1705 S. Pearl St Denver, Co 80210)
Teaching Staff: Katrina Gustafson, Lisa Theis, Laura Wade, Beth Sanchez, Santosh Powell, & Michael Shankara
Price: $2,500 – $2,700 ($200 Deposit Needed to Register) 
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Questions: Contact Katrina Gustafson by phone 303-709-0535 or e-mail to discuss the Yoga Teacher Training. 

Yoga Teacher Training ~ 200hr

Karma Yoga Center is offering a 200hr, immersive Yoga Teacher Training at our studio in Platt Park, Denver. Our training connects students to both the spiritual and technical teachings of yoga under the guidance of lead teacher and studio owner Katrina Gustafson. Learn more about your own personal spiritual path and how to more fully embody it through the teachings of yoga.

The training will include 2 separate 7-Day Immersions  and 4-Weekends between Sep 22, 2017 and Jan 25, 2018 (see below). The training will kick off retreat style in the mountains of Colorado (Winter Park) where students can open their spiritual immersion and training in Mother Nature for 3-days with the group.

Katrina Gustafson will be guiding the training with a staff of master teachers from Karma Yoga Center including Laura Wade, Lisa Theis, Beth Sanchez, Santosh Powell, and Michael Shankara.


  • Sept 22-28        7-Day Immersion & Retreat 
  • Oct 20- 22            3-Day Weekend
  • Nov 3-5                 3-Day Weekend
  • Dec 8-10               3-Day Weekend
  • Jan 5-7 (2018)     3-Day Weekend
  • Jan 19-25 (2018) 7-Day Immersion 

7-Day Immersions begin Friday evening and end Thursday afternoon

  • Fri: 6-8pm, Sat: 9am-5pm, Sun: 9am-5pm
  • Mon-Thu: 10am-4pm

3-Day Weekends begin Friday evening and end Sunday evening.

  • Fri: 6-8pm, Sat: 9am-5pm, Sun: 9am-5pm


  • $2,500* Early Bird Discount for Full Payment by 9/22
  • $2,700* Regular Tuition
  • $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold you place in the training. Applied toward your tuition.

*Credit Card Payments will have an additional 2.5% processing fee added. There are no fees for Cash and Check payments. Yoga Teacher Training Manuals and Books are not included in the tuition price. These will be between $30-$50. As well as the Anatomy Lab Fee which will be about $50*

Cancellation Policy
All $200 deposits are non-refundable. Any cancellations within the first week of the Sept 22 will forfeit 1/3 of your tuition. Cancellations after Oct 2 will forfeit the full paid amount with the option to be reapply for future YTT trainings.

Monthly Payment Plans

Monthly payment plans are available throughout the course of the Yoga Teacher Training. Contact Katrina to discuss your options: 303-709-0535 or with the subject ”YTT Payment Plan.” Installments paid before 9/22 will be a total of $2,500, after 9/22 they will total $2,700. All payment plans will be paid in full by Jan 25, 2018.

Discounts & Membership

As part of your Yoga Teacher Training you will receive:

  • 4-month Unlimited Yoga Membership
    • Sep 22- Jan 25
    • $432 value
  • 10% Off All Merchandise
  • 10% Off All Workshops 
  • 10% Off Energy & Healing Sessions

Training Overview

In our 4-month Immersive Teacher Training, you’ll cover a myriad of subject matter that explore your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Learn to integrate this information into your personal lifestyle, and into the lives of your future students, clients, colleagues, and loved ones. Along with being certified to teach yoga, you will receive a booster-shot to your soul; this training is a life-altering immersion to awaken you to the essence of who YOU are at your core level. Our program will help you step into your potential, so that you can in turn help others to do the same.

Topics Covered

  • Yoga as a Holistic Approach to Healing, Nourishing, and Evolving the Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Setting Intention and Purpose: Sankalpa
  • Asana (poses)
  • Pranayama (breathwork)
  • Meditation
  • Mantra, Mudras, Nada (sound yoga), Chanting
  • Theme and Sequence for a Class
  • How to Assist Your Own Class: Alignment, Adjustments, and Props
  • History: Past to Present Timeline of Yoga
  • Philosophies and Limbs of the Yoga Path
  • Physical Anatomy (including a trip to the cadaver lab)
  • Subtle Body Anatomy: Chakras, Astral Body, Gunas, Koshas, Kundalini, etc…
  • Marketing and Self-Promotion; Ethics of Being a Yoga Teacher
  • Cosmology- How the Stars and Planets Play Into Your Life
  • Sangha: Creating Community
  • What is Bhakti? The Art of Love & Devotion: Ceremony, Puja, Ritual, Darshan, Aarti, Kirtan, Prayer, Alters
  • Read and discuss excerpts from classical and modern yogic text such as The Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras, and the Radiant Sutras, and more
  • Group Seva Project (service) 
  • Conscious Living; How to Live a Yogic Lifestyle While Living in The 21st Century
  • Intro to Restorative, Yin and Yoga Nidra
  • Intro to Prenatal Yoga
  • Intro to the Deities and Finding Your Ishvara Devata (archetype)
  • Understanding Your Soul Contract
  • How to Step into Your Personal Power –Shakti – to Reach Your Potential:
  • Practice, Practice Practice 🙂 

Teaching & Learning Style

You will be supported throughout your 4-month immersion by the teaching staff and community at Karma Yoga Center. It is our core mission at the studio to create a loving community in all we do. We understand that being and feeling supported is key to your success and transformation in our training. And, our teacher training aligns with our mission of support.

You will be engaged and learn by:

  • Hands-on Teaching Practicums
  • Group Participation
  • Individual Work
  • Lecture
  • Speaking & Sharing Your Journey
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Observing
  • Private Consultations
  • Assisting
  • Presenting 

During the training, you will receive an Unlimited Yoga Membership at Karma Yoga Center. Through your requirement to attend 3-classes a week during the off-times of your training, you will be able to stay connected to the community and interact with your teachers and fellow students. You will also teach 5-classes, observe 5-classes, and assist 5-classes over the course of the 4-month training. 

Post training, you will have the opportunity to teach our Free Community Classes at the studio, as well as the possibility to apprentice with one of the lead teachers.

Katrina Gustafson

Owner and founder of Karma Yoga Center, Katrina Gustafson is a certified yoga instructor who has been leading retreats and teaching yoga for 12 years. Yoga has transformed her life so vastly that she left her 12 year career as a high school Language Arts teacher to pursue the practice of yoga wholeheartedly. Her teaching style is a heart-centered vinyasa (flow) with an emphasis on the spiritual aspects of the practice. She is a student of internally renown master teacher Saul David Raye. Katrina subscribes deeply to the practice of bhakti (devotional) yoga. She works hard on maintaining the integrity of this ancient practice while bringing it into the 21st century. Though yoga brings her deep joy, her greatest passion is loving on her two boys Maximus and Boden and her talented partner Michael Shankara.

Lisa Theis

Lisa’s love affair with the practice of yoga began some 15 years ago in a Bikram studio in San Francisco. What began as a physical and mental challenge to just stay in the room for the duration of class, quickly became a deep and healing connection for her body, mind, and spirit, and eventually became a life’s passion and calling. Though Bikram may have been her entrance into the world of yoga, from there she continued to explore and refine her practice, experiencing as many teachers and styles she could: from Power Vinyasa to Forrest to Anusara to Jivamukti and seemingly everything in between. And, after years of searching for a style of yoga to focus her energy, in 2011 she found Yogarupa Rod Stryker and Para Yoga.

Laura Wade

Laura began studying yoga in the late 1990s, and has been teaching since 2001. In addition to numerous certifications, she has led teacher trainings in the Denver area for over 10 years. Her classes are therapeutic/alignment based with a whole lot of flow and fun thrown in. You can expect music, introspection, a deepening-of-your-studies dharma perspective, a little irreverence with a lot of reverence, and a fulfilling practice for your mind, body, and soul. Though so many teachers have influenced Laura, she resonates with Prana Flow master Shiva Rea, David Sye from the UK, Rod Stryker, and Saul David Raye.

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