Soul Scents ~ Custom Essential Oils

Soul Scents
Personal Chakra Oil Blends & Healing Sessions
Set up an aromatherapy session with Katrina!Through using your senses we will create A Chakra Oil Blend to activate
Stability   Creativity   Confidence   Love   Truth   Trust   Faith
Your soul uses your senses to elevate your spirit. Katrina leads you through a journey of the senses to arrive with a customized handmade blend of high vibration oils. 
About Your Session 
Soul Scents Session
$18-$45 ~ Price Varies on Bottle Size of your Personal Blend
30 min
Apothecary Specialist
Katrina Marie Gustafson
Chakra & Crystal Healing Session +$72/Hr ~ Typically 1.5Hrs 
Soul Scents Karma Yoga Center~ aromatherapy

How to Schedule Session

You can contact Katrina to learn more and schedule a Soul Scents Session or Chakra & Crystal Healing Session

(303) 284-8617 or e-mail 

or Fill Out the Form Below 


Session are offered at Karma Yoga Center 1705 S. Pearl St. Denver Co, 80210

    Soul Scents Karma Yoga Center~ aromatherapy
    Soul Scents Karma Yoga Center~ aromatherapy
    Soul Scents Karma Yoga Center~ aromatherapy
    Soul Scents Karma Yoga Center~ aromatherapy
    Katrina Marie Gustafson~ Karma Yoga Center

    Katrina Gustafson

    Crystalogist, Astrologer, & Spiritual Counselor 

    Katrina draws upon many ancient wisdom traditions and her own intuitive powers to create a unique healing experience for her clients. She combines the use of sacred crystals and minerals, along with her ability to feel energies to bring the vibratory fields of the body/mind/spirit into alignment. She has an uncanny ability to hone in on the source of dis-harmony within and prescribe many natural and safe home remedies to bring the Self back into balance. Tuning forks, subconscious journey work, chakra clearings, intuitive readings, aromatherapy, crystal grids, mantras, intention setting, meditations, yoga, & breath work are just a few of the tools and prescriptions that Katrina uses in her sessions. 

    Katrina’s Offerings

    • Soul Scents
    • Spiritual Counseling
    • Tuning Forks & Crystals
    • Subconscious Journey Work
    • Chakra Clearings
    • Intuitive Readings
    • Aromatherapy
    • Crystal Grids
    • Mantras, Meditation, Yoga & Breath-Work
    • Intention Setting