Love Your Mama!

“When the winds of change blow…some people build walls and others build windmills”-Chinese Proverb

Namaste Friends,

 Its spring and Mother Earth is muddy, wet, moist, blossoming, supple, and juicy right now.  She so femine! Spring is one of the bigger transition seasons because the change is so dramatic; we see in color again.  All that slumbers begins to awake.  The energy of our planet is in transition from darkness to light, or vice versa depending on your position on this globe.  When the energy of the Universe is in flux, the energy in our own being follows suit.  We feel our moods lifting, our bodies shifting, and on a cellular level we sense the perennial surge of change flowing through us.  Maybe we lose weight,  or crave certain foods, or need the ocean, or feel more amorous than usual. Or the opposites.  But sometimes the fluxuation is overwhelming, and it feels very uncertain and unstable.  Like standing on the deck of a boat in rough water and we just want to crawl inside and hide.  Change can make us feel like everything is falling out from underneath us.  But change is inevitable, it is as perennial as the grass.  And if the floor does drop beneath us, it is because we now have wings to fly.  We must learn to cultivate faith in the Universe.


Mother Earth is constantly trying to put our mind at ease by showing us that she is reliable and that we should have faith.  The Sun ALWAYS rises on her eastern shoreboard, and sets sweetly EVERY evening to the west. Spring ALWAYS shrouds her in greenage and flowers, and Winter brings her to rest EVERY season.  Her arms are made of gravity and she AlWAYS tries to pull us into her as if she was trying to give us an embracing hug.  And EVERY one of us has a right to be here, she loves unconditionally.  She is trying to show us that everything is unfolding as it should.  We just need to allow life to flow, and get out of our own way.  Let go of fear, worry, and doubt.  Embrace the sweet new beginnings that come forth at this auspicious time for re-birth and renewel.  Plant a garden with seeds of hope, love, and happiness.  If you want Granny Smiths, don’t plant crab apples.  No?

Happy muddy, moist, juicy, wet, supple, blossoming spring everyone.  Just as we take our car to the shop to get it aligned and tuned up.  We should all do the same for our soul.  Go lay on Mama Earth and let her hug you…and hug her right back.

And to all the Other Beautiful Mamas on this planet…Happy Mother’s Day.  Thank you for all the nuturing, love, and compassion you bring to the collective.  I bow to you all.

Much love,

Katrina Gustafson

Kirtan with Prema Hara

Karma Yoga Center is pleased to present  Prema Hara , a Los Angeles based kirtan troupe.  They just released a new CD and are touring the country sharing their heart felt sound with all.  Come stir your soul with their vibrant music. 

Saturday May 7th 7:00-9:00pm

$10 per person


 Two Free Yoga classes on May 8th (Mother’s Day!)

at 12:30-1:30 and 3:30-4:30

taught by Kayce Berke and

Benjamin Frohlichstein.



Want to experience the difference between Yin and Yang Yoga Asana?  Join Denise Cook as she teaches us the benefits and fundamental principles of the therapeutic practice of Yin Yoga.

 Be guided and educated on the “shapes” that we use in Yin Hatha Yoga and learn how this quiet practice can have amazing shifts in your over-all yoga practice.   As a student you will cleanse and shift the emotional and mental bodies helping to further align yourself to a more balanced state.

 With continued practice of Yin shapes the mind becomes resilient and thoughts and attitude more flexible.

 There are many states of dis-ease in the human condition that the Yin practice can help:

Depression and anxiety

 Chronic low back problems

Fertility issues for men and women

and so much more…

 The upcoming Yin-Mersion workshop is designed  for anyone seeking to become qualified to guide Yin Classes, someone wanting to deepen their personal understanding and learn the meridian theory, and deepen your understanding of vibrational alignment as a teacher, and increase in mobility of the joints.

This is a 3 part immersion. Cost is $395. If you are RYT 200+ cost is $325

The dates for the Yin-Mersion are May 21- 22, June 18-19 and July 22- 23.

 Denise Cook has been teaching yoga in the Denver-metro area for the last decade. She believes that bringing the body and human experiences to the mat to heal the mind is transformative. “There are a lot of theories out there, but until you show up to practice your breath, discover your buttons, and find your peace day in and day out…theories are out the window.”

Make it a Summer of Yoga! 

 Don’t miss this amazing deal. 

 $270 for three months of unlimited yoga! 

 Deal ends May 15th.