Saul David Raye, Dr Manoj & Jyothi Chalam Open Weekend Immersion: Apr 17-19

Nectar of the Heart: Bhakti Yoga and Deities

Dates: Apr 17-19 (Fri, Sat & Sun)
Hosts: Saul David Raye, Dr Manoj and Jyothi Chalam
Location: Karma Yoga Center, 1705 S. Pearl St Denver Co, 80210
Costs: $45/class, $80/day, $216 3-day pass, $20 Sat Kirtan


 “At the center of your being the truth shines like a thousand suns.”


International Bhakti Yoga teacher Saul Davidunnamed Raye and special guests Dr. Manoj and Jyothi Chalam are hosting a weekend immersion that is open to all students and levels at Karma Yoga Center in Denver.

Join this special immersion into Bhakti Yoga and Atma Vichara through yogic practices, meditationstorytelling, chanting and the deeper meaning of the deities. Explore your personal archetypes (Ishtadevata) as part of your yogic journey. Experience a deep connection to the ancient practice of bhakti – path of love. Share in the deeper practices and techniques to nourish the heart and tap into the infinite source of love and joy deep within the heart. AUM

About Atma Vichara

The ancients referred to the practice of yoga as ‘Vichara‘ which means inquiry. It is the ultimate journey towards the center of being. Atma is the soul, it is the essence or deeper self within all beings. A deeper discussion of Yoga will always lead us to vichara and to atma.  Atma Vichara is the very process of looking deeply into the nature of being within us, it is the central reflection and meditation within the yoga tradition. The more we move towards and live from the soul, we experience the connection to the source of life. Join us for this deep, healing and  soulful exploration into the center of being within through dynamic and somatic based asana practice, breath-work, bandha, mudra, chantingmeditation and gathering in community.

Saul’s work is deep and transformative, inviting each person into their own authentic experience of Yoga towards Self awakening and empowerment. His unique teaching integrates his years of study within the Yoga tradition and other sacred wisdom traditions into Atma Yoga- a heart centered and transformational practice that draws from the timeless teachings of yoga, tantra, bhakti and shamanism. The collective energy of the weekend will create a safe and supportive space to explore your own body, mind and heart as a gateway to the soul and the pure energy and light within.

There are no levels in this practice so all are welcome.  All students will be supported to go at their own pace and to honor themselves. Please bring a journal and pen to the weekend.

Teacher Bios

Saul David Raye
Saul David Raye is a teacher, healer, musician and spiritual activist. He has been practicing Yoga and meditation for over 25 years. His teachings are centered in the heart and support people in connecting with their own authentic power and spirit. His path has been deeply influenced by Tantra and Bhakti schools of Yoga and the ancient wisdom teachings of the indigenous people especially the Maya & Native Americans . He has made numerous trips to India and sacred sites around the planet. Saul shares his work through classes, trainings and sacred music.

Dr. Manoj and Jyothi Chalam
Manoj Chalam uses humor and personal anecdotes in his lectures and workshops to illuminate Hindu mythology. An Indian-born scientist with a PhD from Cornell University, Manoj helps individuals find their archetypes in Hindu Yogic deities and teaches the 4 ways to work with an archetype as a Vedantic practice. He has also compiled a book on the symbolisms of Hindu and Buddhist deities. Manoj presents workshops on Hindu symbolisms and Tantra at yoga studios, keynotes at festivals, ashrams, and universities.

Jyothi Chalam is a scholar of Vedanta, the philosophy of self realization. Jyothi teaches workshops on the Upanishads at ashrams, yoga studios and yoga conferences. Jyothi is also an accomplished musician of the South Indian Classical tradition. Her music is the culmination of both her philosophical meditations and deep spiritual devotion.


Friday, Apr 17 
7pm – 9:30pm             Atma Vichara: Towards the Source

Saturday,  Apr 18
9:30am – 12pm           Yogic Alchemy: Weaving the Sun & Moon
12:00pm – 1:30pm      Lunch Break
1:30pm -4pm              Nectar of the Heart: Bhakti Yoga and Deities
8pm – 10pm                ANANDA KIRTAN ($20)

Sunday, Apr 19
9:30am – 12pm          Hridaya Shakti: The Power of the Heart
12:00pm – 1:30pm     Lunch Break
1:30pm -4pm             Prana Shakti: Unlocking the Sacred Healing Power of our Breath

Class Descriptions

Atma Vichara: Towards the Source
Saul David Raye
Date: Fri, Apr 17
Time: 7pm-9:30pm

Deep Yoga, breathwork, meditation + chanting.  Dive into the nature of inquiry, into the inner path of yoga. Fearlessly using the dance of asana, breath and meditation as gateways to the soul. Asana and pranayama lead us to the center, meditation flows from the center. In the heart we are home.

Yogic Alchemy: Weaving the Sun + Moon  
Saul David Raye
Date: Sat, Apr 18
Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm

Ha-tha means sun and moon respectively. The modern yoga is rooted in the ancient traditions of tantra and vedanta. The deeper meaning of sun and moon is the alchemy of both the solar and lunar energies within us in a place of balance. There is also a deeper meaning within the teachings where the sun surrenders to the moon. This is the place that the mind surrenders to the heart, where logic surrenders to love and we live from the soul. In this class we will explore some deeper aspects of a healing yoga practice and the synergy of sun and moon within asana, pranayama and meditation.

Nectar of the Heart: Bhakti Yoga and Deities
Saul David Raye, Dr. Manoj & Jyothi Chalam
Date: Sat, Apr 18
Time: 1:30pm – 4pm

Join us for this special immersion into Bhakti Yoga through yogic practices, meditation, storytelling, chanting and the deeper meaning of the deities. Explore your personal archetypes (Ishtadevata) as part of your yogic journey. Experience a deep connection to the ancient practice of bhakti – path of love. Share deeper practices and techniques to nourish the heart and tap into the infinite source of love and joy  deep within the heart. Aum

Saul David Raye & Karma Yoga Kirtan Band
Date: Sat, Apr 18
Time: 8pm – 10pm

Cost: $20 (separate from all other passes)

A Soulful Evening of Ecstatic Chanting, Dancing, Meditation and Prayer with Saul David Raye and the Karma Yoga Kirtan Band!

Come together as one for this transforming evening of sacred music and vibration from the heart to the heart – the practice of kirtan. Kirtan is the devotional singing from the Bhakti (Yoga of the Heart) tradition of India, done in an ecstatic and meditative call and response style. Singing and dancing have long been sacred healing practices to awaken the life force, connect us to spirit and embody an ecstatic connection to the Divine force that sustains all life.  Ananda Cosmic Kirtan is a style of kirtan that is raw, expansive and deeply soulful. Weaving timeless yogic teachings into the practice of these sacred chants, moments of deep stillness, ecstatic celebration and opening allow one to enter deeply in the heart. Aum

Hridaya Shakti: The Power of the Heart
Saul David Raye
Date: Sun, Apr 19
Time: 9:30am – 12:00pm

Explore the teachings that lead to the heart as the center of our being. Teachings and practices support a deep and open inquiry into the power of the heart and its energy field that can heal, awaken and inform our practice and life. Session includes asana, breathwork, chanting and meditation

Prana Shakti: Unlocking the Sacred Healing Power of Breath   
Saul David Raye
Date: Sun, Apr 19
Time: 1:30pm -4pm

There is no energy more essential to life itself than breath, it is the force that connects mind, body and Spirit.  Within our very breath is the power to heal, rejuvenate and awaken the life energy inside of us.  Dive into the ancient and sacred science of breath known in sacred traditions around the world, practice and learn different techniques of breathing for 4 main actions: cleansing / awakening, energizing, balancing and calming /cooling.

We will also explore developing and strengthening our lungs, respiratory system, and breathing capacity.  We will also explore using the breath for longevity, how to use the breath in meditation, and how to use breath for when we need it to shift our energy levels and raise our vibration. This workshop will support a deep connection to the sacred and healing power of breath.


$205/3-Day Pass
$20 Sat Kirtan


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Karma Yoga Center
1705 S. Pearl St Denver Co, 80210 (Google Map)