Surf’s Up!

Namaste Friends,

There is so much energy swirling in the Universe right now. I find that some days seem incredibly surreal; like real life is somehow crossing and merging with an unknown world where thoughts are felt, and dreams become truth. The unseen becomes tangible. And the unknown begins to reveal itself through epiphanies, revelations, visions, and awakenings that have been lying deep at the base of my soul. Its eerily tantalizing. I love the feeling this cosmic shift triggers at my Soulful level. Even my physical body is responding in a positive way to this magical energy. I am sleeping better. I have more stamina and energy. My mind is lucid. It isn’t racing to the next agenda item. I am focused.  My creativity is sparked.  I am full of ideas and passion.  I feel satisfied and satiated.  Think Star Wars:  The Force is strong in this one.

No. I am not on drugs. I am going with the ritam, or the rhythm, or cosmic flow of the Universe. I am riding the wave of Divine Intelligence that is coursing through the veins and atoms of all things in the Universe: the trees, the oceans, the animals, and all beings. It is the same Creative Source that binds each of us together. It is the breath, the prana, the life force energy.

As I mentioned, the current is strong right now.  And one could fight it, or one could ride it.  If you fight the rhythm of the Universe it will feel like fear, anger, anxiety, frustration, and suffocation. You get nowhere and exhaust yourself at the same time, depleting your energy to be happy, creative, and loving. It is much easier to turn around and let the movement or flow carry you to where you are supposed to be.

How do I know that is where you are suppose to be? Because the Universe  is flowing you there. How can the same Divine Intelligence that created a methodical human body,  0ver 3,650,000 sunrises, and a self-sustaining planet possibly misguide even one of its own creations?  The ritam is infallible.  If you are in the current, all you have to is let go and trust.

That is the hard part.  We do have some stake in our life’s outcome. It is not all divinely ordained. What would be the point of  our individuality if everything was already played out in some Higher Power’s schema of things?  We were given  free will; the ability to make our our choices. We were given some great tools to help that free will discover our dharma, or soul’s purpose. Tool’s like our intuition, our subtle body energies, our ability to love and be loved, and our ability to question and wonder. When we use these “gifts” to help us discern the best way to align our energies with the frequency and flow of the Universal energy. Then all we have to do is kick back and enjoy the ride.

But we need to learn to make good choices and decisions that ultimately place us in the hands of the Universe. It is when we don’t listen to our intuition; When we don’t make a choice made from our inner guides, but rather from our Ego Self, that we start to pull away from or go against the Ritam. And the next thing you know, you are lost, confused, scared, uncertain, and unhappy.

When we practice yoga, we create space in our mind, body, spirit so we can hear what those inner guides are saying to us. We still the mind which is layered with criticism, skepticism, and judgmental thinking. We flush the body of its chemical toxins by letting our muscles, bones, blood, and organs move energy through them. We bring prana, or life force energy to our spirit body by opening our chakras and letting our kundalini energy rise, awakening, and purifying our emotional body.

If free will and trust are the vehicles that allow us to align to the Ritam of the Universe, then yoga is the fuel for those vehicles. Sharpen your tools. Trust your intuition. Listen to your inner knowing. Make good choices. Then the Force will be strong in you too.

Surf’s up! Roll out your cosmic surf board, your yoga mat, and hang ten. Right now, is the best time to catch the wave. The ride is magnificent.

Blessings to all!

Much love,


Be sure to catch some of these wonderful offerings to help us align:

Happy Anniversary Karma Yoga Center!  We are 2 years old on the Solstice.  We thank you all for your continued patronage and support.  To show our gratitude we are offering a special package deal:

Good until June 24th 10 class package for $108.  Normally $130.

Upcoming events:

Move into Meditation with Nova Loverro Sprick

For the yogi new to meditation or for those that already have a practice, this series will offer you the tools for developing a seated practice. We will incorporate simple Asana with Banda’s to prepare the body, pranayama to direct the flow of energy and Tantric Kriya to direct the mind and entice it into a place of quietude. We will also include short journaling and conclude the series with Vichara, a technique to begin to uncover the thoughts that underlie our actions.

Begins Tuesday June 19th    7:15-8:15pm    $96 for all 6, $20 per session

Yoga for Back Pain with Ian Maxwell

Have you ever left your yoga class and the back pain that was temporarily relieved is still nagging at you?  Have you ever had this back pain keep you from practicing?

Back pain is a common ailment for people these days and there is help! Ian Maxwell offers this workshop to help you pinpoint and relieve the pain in your back so you can continue or work to improve your practice pain free!  $15 in advance, $20 the day of.

Saturday June 23rd    1-3pm   $15 in advance/$20 the day of

2nd Anniversary Block Party!

Karma turns 2 on Sunday June 24th and to celebrate we are throwing a block party with our fabulous neighbors!  Our yoga classes will be FREE this day (first come, first serve) to show our appreciation for your support these last couple years, and there will be food, beverages, raffle give-aways, and general merriment.  We are also offering 10 class packages at the discounted rate of $108 from now until June 24th. Spend over $100 here at Karma and drop your name into the pot for raffle give-aways! We will be celebrating all day long and raffling everything from flip flops to 20 class packages! The day concludes with a FREE drum circle lead by none other than Damon the Zen Drummer.  Drum Circle goes from 7-8pm. Feel free to bring your own drum, or use one of the many Damon will provide.

Sunday June 24th  8am-8pm       Drum Circle from 7-8pm


Modern-Day Meditation®

Have you tried meditation and found it difficult to quiet your mind?

The Modern Day Meditation is a guided, active practice, using all types of music. There are 4 parts to the meditation — opening, calming and meditative thinking, and taking action. Beginners and drop-ins are welcome. There will be a short introductory talk and sharing prior to the meditation.

Every Friday 2 pm – 3 pm (please arrive 10 minutes early)        Introductory donation of $5

Yoga Teacher Training

Our next training begins in the fall!  Call or come in for more information.

If you love yoga and are looking for a way to deepen your practice or feel called to teach this is where to begin. Learn how to put words to your experience on your mat and how to artfully share this practice with others, as the teacher.  Pick up a brochure, inquire at the front desk, or find Katrina or Lisa for more info.  There’s no better time than now! Next session starts in Sept.
$2500 per person