Mala Necklaces, Beginner’s Workshop and our Spa Room opens

Namaste Friends!

We are offering a few classes and workshops this month.  Be sure to check the special events page to keep updated.  The two classes this week are a mala making class and a Beginner’s Workshop!

  • How to make your own Meditation Necklace on Thursday July 8th at 7pm

Sarita Naresh, owner of Tibet Imports on 6th,  is leading the mala making class this Thursday evening at 7pm.  The cost is $15 and an extra $10 if you need beads.  If you want to bring your own beads, you will need 108 beads if you want to make a full mala necklace.  54 or 27 beads if you want a smaller mala.  Mala means garland in Sanskrit.  In fact, the concept (and name) of the Rosary used in the Catholic faith comes from the eastern tradition of japa (repetition) meditation using a mala necklace.

This is a great opportunity to custom design your own sacred mala using specific gemstones either for their color or for their healing properties.  Sarita will show us how to make a mala with a traditional knot between each bead.  She will also explain the significance of the number 108, teach us the proper way to use a mala necklace, and give us some mantras to use when we meditate.  Not to mention, it will fun to hang with our community of yogis!

  • Yoga 101:  A Beginner’s Workshop on Sunday July 11th from 1-4pm with Lisa and Katrina

Learn the basics of yoga in three hours!  We pack a lot of great info into this class so the student walks away with good foundational knowledge of all the basic yoga poses, the benefits and contraindications of each pose and their modifications  In addition to learning the asanas (poses), Katrina and Lisa give an overview of the history of yoga, subtle body energies (chakras), physical anatomy, an introduction to meditation,, mudras, mantras, and ayurvedic dosha test, and much more!  You will be ready to jump into any yoga class and feel comfortable with all aspects of the of this dynamic practice.  Cost of Investment: $60

  • The Prana Room  is opening on the 10th of July!

We are really excited about our services we are offering in the Prana Room, our spa treatment room.  As we grow, so will our menu options.  We have two aestheticians, two massage therapists, and a reiki practioner in our crew.  We are currently offering ayurvedic facials, made fresh in our kitchen, deep tissue massage, a foot bath and aromatherapy steam.  All products we use are all natural and mostly homemade or locally made.  Call the studio to book a treatment or a reiki reading.

  • BOGO coupon and other special events

We have extended our Bike Drawing until July 31st.  We will give it away at the Michael Franti pre-concert soiree here at Karma Yoga Center.  To enter the drawing buy any package valued at $108 or more!  Currently we are offering a month unlimited for $108 or the other great yoga deal is the BuyOne/GetOne Free class.  Download your BOGO COUPON.

Don’t forget we are offering our Yoga Teacher Training in starting Sept. 18th.  If its been calling to you to take your yogic studies further, this is the time to do it.  We are offering our training at an introductory low price, capping our class size, and bringing in lots of bonus excursions, including attending the Yoga Journal Conference!  Email Katrina for more information.

Keep your practice up through summer!  I hope to see you soon!

Much love,

Katrina Gustafson Broyles