Holy Gopi! There is so much Happening!

Namaste Friends!

Karma has got a lot on the menu this fall…including a -soon -to -be Menu!  Look for our Dharma Cafe to open in the coming months.  We are so excited to bring Starla Mercer, our new nutritional Chef into the fold.  We will have smoothies, raw cuisine, gluten-free edibles, soups, salads, coffees, teas, and so much more.

But first check out these events: 

Get to know your Chakras!

First up is a workshop on subtle body energies with Elissa Hardy. Waking Your Inner Healer.  This is a two part workshop…you can take both…or each one individually.  Elissa is a reiki master, yoga instructor, and a social worker.  The first workshop is on the 23rd of October from 2-4, the price is $36.  The second workshop is October 30th from 4-6, $36.  You can take them both for $63. 



Next we are offering a Kirtan with Vamadeva on the 28th of October.  Kirtan is such a great way to bring joy into your life.  Sing and chant with us on that thursday evening.  The cost is only $18

The Karma Kleanse! 

If you are wanting to “freshen” the system before the holidays hit, we are offering a week long cleanse.  Denise Cook has put together a safe and easy cleanse for us to do.  She will give us a diet with recipes, asana and exercises, and lots of support through out the week.  It begins with her Sunday evening class at 5:30 on Nov. 7th, and ends with her class at the same time on Nov. 14th.  If you already have a package at Karma the cost is $36, if you do not the cost is $75 and it includes 4 classes.  Ayurveda suggests that we cleanse our systems four times a year!  This is a perfect time to do it!

The Best is for Last…

Hindu Deity Dinner Theatre! Don’t miss out!

Our Yoga Teacher Trainees are so excited to show you what they have been learning!  They will be cooking and serving you an ayurvedic dinner for the vata season.

And then…

they’ll be performing their own modernized version of some of the great stories of India and the Hindu tradition.  Amazing performances!  Music performed by Ryan Nataraja, directed by Lakshmi Nair, and all for a paltry amount of $9.  Reservations are recommended as this will be certain to sell out!

Looking into the future…

In November we’ll have a Yoga Nidra Workshop with Jeremy Wolf on Nov. 13th, and a Tibetian Singing Bowl Concert on the 14th.  Look at the special events page for more details of all things Karmic!

There is a lot to do here…take advantage of the offerings.  I hope to see you soon.

Much love,


P.S.  Gopi means cowherder; its the Sanskrit name for Krishna when he was a baby. Holy Cow…get it?