Create your Best Relationship with Food

We are what we tell ourselves, and we are what we eat. Both food and yoga nourish our hearts, souls and bodies. Yoga is a tool that can be used for self-study and living a compassionate existence. In this 2-day workshop (each day can be taken separately or together) we will learn to live in greater harmony with ourselves, and create positive, compassionate inner dialogue, healthy body image and individualized diet.
Join Caitlyn Patch – a Karma Yoga Center YTT graduate – for a weekend of self-care, asana, journaling, meditation and self-reflection. Each day will include an hour and a half asana practice that explores our senses and aids in the discovery of subtle body sensations, leading the body closer to knowing it’s truth.

Part-one’s asana will be a slow, and deep, with longer held postures in hopes to align and cultivate a more loving, more compassionate relationship with our body.

Day-two will focus on food, diet and practice. An hour and half of rigorous, yet loving yoga flow, we will aim at discovering healthy new patterns, and work to burn off the old.

Both days students are encouraged to be self reflective and lead an introspective practice that can also be taken home with them. 15 minute meditation (experience in meditation is not required) with 15-minute journaling, discussions on overcoming blocks, and pranayama breathing techniques will be covered.

This workshop is perfect for students who would like to kick start weight-loss, uncover unhealthy patterns, or delve deeper into a greater more loving and compassionate relationship with their bodies. It is encouraged to attend both portions of this workshop, however each can be taken separately. Suggested readings will be provided.

Sunday 1:30-3:30pm

PRICE is $25 for one day and $40 for both Saturday and Sunday

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