Sherri Jones

Each session of yoga for me is an ever-changing and dynamic experience of grace, tranquility, strength, and balance.  Through the practice of asana and breath and chanting, a road is revealed that leads us more deeply into our heart and soul: what an opportunity!

My roots in yoga are from the Iyengar tradition, where I learned a deep respect for a practice steeped in anatomy and alignment.  Yet we all have our own unique rhythm, and there’s an innate intelligence to discover about ourselves, a natural spontaneity and vitality in us all that expands as we work together.  So yoga with me is always an exploration and a revelation of new realms. . . .

My approach to yoga is enriched by my 20-year practice of the Modern-Day Meditation, a dynamic meditation for this age and time that’s done with music and with the freedom to move the body in states of deep meditation. The transformational, healing energy of this meditation infuses my teaching and opens both the body and the heart during our sessions.

Yoga’s been one of the biggest blessings in my life, and I’ve great passion to share it.  Every class is a journey of self-discovery, challenge, joy, and deep inner peace.  I look forward to exploring yoga with you!